Leeving Leads: Lowlife Highlights from Anguro gigs

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 05.51.09

Angurosakuson is relocating to Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks to everyone for buying the releases and being good sports at the gigs.

Best bits from the Leeds days:

  • Making stinky hummous, leaving one audience member with no choice but to abandon the gig — asafoetida blamed. No one got food poisoning.
  • Police coming to try and shut up a set by War Lass, Fenton’s beer garden. No one got arrested.
  • Shepherds of Cats, same gig, looking concerned about rain. Onstage electrocutions! No one died.
  • Wrestling the Fenton dog Pickle and getting my ear licked.
  • Receiving the first release submission, Two Halves of Delirium by Early Hominids, then having my head blown off.
  • Flyer miss-print: Cryptic Salve Band don’t play ‘nose music’.
  • Flyer miss-print: Marlo Eggpant.
  • Breaking even, most of the time. Well at least with gigs.
  • Chewing the noisical fat with my true buddy, true pal, Pete ‘Crater Lake‘ Cann, who introduced me to  to Whitehouse, Incapcitants and Eric Andre. I’ll miss him a lot.

photo taken by Neil Campbell

One thought on “Leeving Leads: Lowlife Highlights from Anguro gigs

  1. I’m choking up…
    Good luck my friend, Leeds will be a drabber place without you.
    I’m looking forward to invading your space in Lisbon.

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