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AS #008 LUKE POOT / LOVELY HONKEY (CD-R, £4) poot cassette v.10.2

Enjoy a tour round Luke Poot’s mouth and throat! Can he whistle? No! Spectacularly not!

Drawings by Emi Ueno Neilson, layout by Pascal Ansell

Download and listen from Bandcamp


AS #007 PANELAK: Heimat (CD-R, £4) Heimat 64 X 64,i, ii, iii, iv collated v.i 01, 3600X3600 pixels

Pure digital experimentation from Pascal Ansell. Each cd comes with an Individually made sleeve (images here), designed by Emi Ueno and Pascal Ansell. ‘Broken Baerenquael Blues’ feat. Bernie Snell, ‘ Timesheet’ feat. Kelly Jane Jones.

“electronics swimming in electric bile over a bunch of Korean zither pings . . the Crossfit of noise; all muscular beefing and sweaty reps.  But… Panelak’s Pascal Ansell isn’t getting all Rollins on your ass.  No sir.  This is still pretty enough to make me blush pinky-red.”  — Joe Murray on Radio Free Midwich (full review)

“an unhinged collection of digital scree . . . Its seven tracks are an exercise in maximalism, a collision of distorted gunk and frazzled wires.” — We Need No Swords (full review)

“An intelligent presence constantly rubbing things together and sticking things in where they shouldn’t just to see what kind of noise emerges . . .Trying to describe it though is like trying to describe your entire music collection.” — Idwal Fisher (full review)



AS #006 BBBLOOD: No Religion at the Salad Bar (CD-R, £4)

bbblood front cover 02 w. border

Rough-hewn electronic verbiage and contorted textural workouts. All in all, a gorgeous white spectrum massage! Yessir, it’s just plain fierce. This man is sick!

BBBLOOD is Paul Watson, a gentle experimenting gentleman based in Islington. His blog is worth keeping tabs on as well as his extensive stream of releases. Top tip: his outstanding EP from Leeds chums Sheepscar Light Industrial.

Edition of 35

“proper noise of the highest order” — Radio Free Midwich (review)

“two tracks of glowering malevolence” — We Need No Swords (review)

“full throttle, seat of the pants, hanging on to the edge of a table for dear life blasts of thundering noise.” —  Idwal Fisher (review)


AS #005 Andy Jarvis / Filthy Turd: The Cattle are Ill, The Beer is Sour (CD-R, £4)

ajarvis filthy turd split

Triumphant! Icontenstible! Indigestible! The last word may prove most useful, as this is strangely abrasive and swirlingly un-rememborable, you heard, like a head-rush detention centre divorced from memory’s grip. Textures are brought to the boil halfway through, then goes on to resemble something like the performance Andy gave last November in Leeds. Which, it must be said, was one of the most abject and disgusting and wonderful 15 minutes ever to lick the walls of Wharf Chambers. An electric zombie hunger groan!

Filthy Turd reigns triumphant with his more recent tuneful bent bending its tuneful recent way. Don’t be mugged by the raw scuzzy sounds: Darren mixes beautifully, and there are some downright tunes present in this whole happy mess.

Sick cows and sour beer? See this BBC article for information about an unfortunate, unpopular supposed witch named Molly Leigh, the woman after which this split chugs its inspiration. Or how about this, from the Stoke Sentinal: ‘She regularly delivered milk around Burslem, accompanied by her only companion, her pet blackbird, perched on her shoulder – which sparked rumours she was a witch and the bird her familiar. Molly began to be blamed for anything unexplained or unfortunate which happened in Burslem, from spoiled milk to illness and ailments.’

Edition of 35

Radio Free Midwich review (link)

“[about A. Jarvis:] a multitude of sounds – bon tempi organ, dustbin lids, old tapes and trumpets creating a disturbing and chaotic brew – an air of menace and mischief. A delight to listen to . . .

[about Filthy Turd:]  “Chase Me Around The Apple Tree” is a master construct of art and sound. A fantastic soundtrack to an incredible voyage – play loud, sit back and close your eyes … One of the releases of the year (so far).”

– MuhMur (link)

Another review is here from We Need No Swords

… and yet another review here by Idwal Fisher

AS #004 Panelak — Panelak (CD-R, £3)

PAN 3 final

The second release in Angurosakuson’s younger generation of Leeds-based artists, and the third solo release from Pascal Ansell. Panelak is Pascal’s first to contain a handful of ‘proper’ songs, and is perhaps the politest Anguro release so far. Despite this, the influence of noise — especially from Japan — is a tangible influence throughout. Possibly useful adjectives include: disorienting, messy, colourful and ecstatic.

‘You Be My Kaparra’ features Robert Glew from Etai Keshiki on drums.

Download / buy here.

This release will be made available from the British Library Sound Archive.

Pascal’s other releases can be found here:


AS #003 Half an Abortion — Small Scale Demystification Quandary (C30 pro-dubbed tape, £4)

HAB anguro final artwork

With albums out on Ilse, Crater Lake Sounds and Phil Todd’s Memoirs of an Aesthete, the fifth solo release from Pete Cann sees him in an even more stripped-down mood, a sustained exploration in raw, clunky abrasion, which bubbles, fizzles and burns over a glorious 28 minutes. The mood is never overblown; the emphasis is on control and calculated sparseness. ‘Sparse’ might make you think of polo-necked computer twiddlers from Deutschland. That it ain’t! There is something harsh yet restrained in his bare bones approach, a hollowing out that feels brutal. Minimal elements are combined in total chart-topping combinations, with audio constantly sounding like it could fall apart at any second.

Pete is indebted to the heroic endeavours of our Japanese neighbours (Incapacitants, Hijokaidan etc.) but this is a truly Anglo-Saxon release for its restrained approach to noise elements, its European bent on obscure atmospheres rather than gung-ho technological wizardry. Despite the low-brow aesthetic of Pete’s output, and the lack of much in the way of recognizable “music” in the Half an Abortion project, his releases always display a keen sense of composition, embracing lightness of touch and peculiarly pleasurable combinations. 

Download / buy here.

Pete’s other releases can be found here:

The tape will be made available from the British Library Sound Archive.


AS #002 Human Combustion Engine (Phil Todd + Mel O’Dubslaine) — GODS BELLS AND GOATS BELLS  (C30 tape)

DSCF0091 DSCF0092

Phil Todd and Mel Delaney impart 30 mins of slowly accumulating beauty. ‘GODS BELLS’ is a scenic building of synth waves and gentle oscillations, plateauing onto a vast expanse reserved for the most heavenly of bodies. The other side, ‘GOATS BELLS’, explores glistening caverns of the aural spectrum with aid of submerged pulses and delicious squelches.

If Early Hominids are bent on touring the sky’s horizon, Human Combustion Engine are experts in grand tectonic shifting, the subtle exploration of the sea’s vast intestinal planes. (Tectronica anyone? No? Sorry.) HCE also sent this to me with pleasing discipline: precisely 15 minutes for each track – no annoying cut off!

The title refers to the drastically different uses of bells. Up towers, humans have clanged their way heavenwards, or down below have simply kept aural tabs on their cattle… but which application came first? And might the glorious tones of Human Combustion Engine answer this, implicitly? Whatever the case, some of their previous, goatless releases can be found here:

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Beautiful new set of slow-phasing psychedelic electronics and empty bell sounds from the UK underground duo of Phil Todd and Mel Delaney (Ashtray Navigations et al): two sides to this set, with the first building delicious tonal ascensions from lapping waves of gentle synth that come over in the classic reverse-working tradition of Coil circa “A White Rainbow” with tonal wormholes and sudden form gobbling blats of fuzz and hysteria. The second side is more ancient sounding, with dark psychedelic ritual soundings that come over like Pauline Oliveros re-floats Atlantis.

– David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue (link)

This album can be found in the British Library Sound Archive.


AS #001 Early Hominids (Neil Campbell + Paul Walsh) – Two Halves of Delirium (CD-R)

DSCF0098 DSCF0104

Neil Campbell (Astral Social Club) and Paul Walsh (FoldHead) present 9 tracks of grand glacials shifting in crushing static and mystical swoops. ‘Two Halves of Delirium’ is a controlled toar through soaring patchwork fuzzes, gloopy synths, at times settling down for promiscuous spectrum scaling, other times fizzing away in some childhood solipsism, and then swelling into brutal forays in abrasion.

The cd format ensures Early Hominids keep stay their blisteringly crispest, this time round happily locking into steady rhythms and heady pulsations.


Their previous releases can be found here:

A note about the recording! According to Neil: ‘everything goes into the desk at the rehearsal room (often using extreme stereo separation for some inputs), then i take a stereo line out of the desk to minidisk (set record levels very low, to try to avoid digital overload) … i make it as loud as possible (but not w/ compression, generally) and burn to CD … no overdubs, compression, FX, nuthin – we REALLY sound like that!’

Super high-brow art by Pascal Ansell

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New nine-track album from the UK underground duo of Neil Campbell (Astral Social Club/Vibracathedral Orchestra et al) and Paul Walsh (Foldhead/Smell & Quim) on this new UK imprint: Early Hominids, as the name suggests, work to re-direct the more dancefloor-orientated euphorics of Astral Social Club back to a more Cro-magnon approach to electro-grunt, with a teenage scientific appeal and a crude hands-on approach that comes out of the whole Snatch Tapes/I Hate The Pop Group ethos. Nod-out machine rhythms lead to ticker-tape breakdowns and there’s a gluey/Airfix modelling high to much of this that speaks to duffle coats as much as it does to death disco, unmistakable as a ‘product’ of the scene that brought us The Strolling Ones/A Band/ESP-Kinetic et al but with a eye to a teenage crush on Kraftwerk, Moroder-styled Kraut and noise noise noise.

– David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue (link)

“a fine piece of work”

– MuhMur (link)

This album can be found in the British Library Sound Archive.


Upcoming releases:

AS #005 Split CD-r: Akke Phallus Duo (Jon Marshall + Ben Morris) + No Thumbs (Jon Marshall, Pascal Ansell)

AS #004 Panelak CD-R

AS#006 Harappian Night Recordings — new album

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